If you are thinking religiously

It’s as if a page from scripture comes to life
one that speaks of miracle.
The canvas is daubed in what can only be divine light.
Something blessèd about the way the artist
catches the trio and how she makes us witness
the moment when the girl in pink pyjamas
takes her first step in the field hospital in Kandahar.
The medic in khaki with an anxious bearded face
looks biblical and the woman who bends
her blonde head close and maternal
wears what can only be described as madonna blue.
The girl raises her small booted right foot
ready to step out of the painting.

holy family
They are joined in this blessèd moment.
She is their girl in pink pyjamas.
The medic, a mother in madonna blue,
bends her blonde head, whispers
words of loving encouragement.
The girl clutches at father’s khakied waist
steadies her newly-mended self
takes her first step …

Moya Pacey
in response to: Recovery

© Moya Pacey 2014, all rights reserved.

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