Portrait in a war zone

We make-believe the war will stop
while artist and the captain meet.
This is what we hope:

her role by honesty provokes
our view of war from her box seat
so we believe the war can stop.

The captain with his forward look
has eyes which know of each defeat.
This is what we hope:

we want a portrait which can shock
remind us of the pain and heat
help us believe the war will stop

an honest portrait with each stroke
that tells us of a man complete.
This is what we hope.

So, in the field while these two work
to finalise this last conceit
we believe the war must stop.
This is what they hope.

Janne D Graham
in response to: Captain Bruce Reeves, Head Ward Nurse, Role 3 Hospital

© Janne D Graham 2014, all rights reserved.

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