Those mauve and distant hills

Across the sea in a distant land, my hills are mauve,
The drumming of the tonbak rings in the evening air,
The strings of the tar sing to the stars, sing to the stars,
Sing through the years and pluck the echo in my heart,
For my love, for my love, for my love, who is ever in my mind
Who always takes me back to those mauve and distant hills.

It’s been fifteen years ago since that night when the earth smelt sweet,
When communal throats sang of ancient chants and the drums bit deep,
When the double heart of the tar talked to the double heart of our love,
And we laughed, we kissed, we danced, under galaxies above
It’s been fifteen years ago but I feel the magic still,
That night when we laughed and we kissed in those mauve and distant hills.

Now here, on this southern shore, in this new and faster time,
My child will rise and flower to a different sun from mine,
The core and soul of her life will come from another place,
But I hope and pray that she will still embrace
The tales I tell of a faraway town where her life began
Set high in the peaks and folds of those mauve and distant hills.

That she will come to know the depth of my love for a boy,
A glittering spring of beauty, strength and inner joy,
Who would have been her father, but was lost in a world
That fell when the drums of love became the drums of war
But whose song lives on, lives on, a gift from us to her,
In another land so far from those mauve and distant hills.

Tony Williams

© Tony Williams 2014, all rights reserved.

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