I will thread you a poem

Writing poetry is like stringing random pearls. – Hafez (1326–1390)

I’ll take the words that paint my suffering
and choose the finest piece of silken string
to thread those thoughts into a wondrous poem
so exquisite your heart will soar and sing

you’ll hear my words as if they had been sewn
like pearls to light the dark when you’re alone
caresses on a silken string to woo
this nightingale I yearn to make my own

emeralds and sapphires keen with green and blue
will see my words and dream of wandering through
to add the colors of the earth and sky
till every pearl strung in its random queue

has rainbow sheen enough to have you sigh
and quiver like a restless butterfly –
I’ll place this poem around your slender throat
and you will sing – my love – and make reply

then every gem – transformed to music note –
will carry us places so remote
we’ll learn the secrets of the universe
and wisdom that the ancient sages wrote

we’ll see the spangled moon and stars disperse
into the pearly dawn’s soft silken purse
and when the sun bursts through its crimson ring
each living thing will listen to my verse

I’ll take the words that paint my suffering …

Hazel SS Hall

© Hazel SS Hall 2014, all rights reserved.

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