I’m not good at jazz

I’m not good at jazz – I’m not languid and loose
I should let music happen
If I shimmy with candour I go gawpy goose

And when you’re with jazz it’s not any use
Even when clappin’
To be anxious instead of long languid and loose

I’ve seen the trombonist go purple with puce
Perspirin’ and sappin’
As he shimmies and blows without care for a goose

Truth to tell it’s the tune I find sometimes abstruse
Composer’s been nappin’ ?
Though I admit it’s relaxed and quite languid and loose

Without a good tune it sounds lax and diffuse
Like a wonky wheel flappin’
Which makes the car wobble and driver a goose

But I long ago signed with jazz a trite truce
We were just chattin’
It no longer matters if I go gawpy goose
I’ll never be cool – but perhaps I’ll be loose

Jill Sutton

© Jill Sutton 2014, all rights reserved.

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