Online Projects

As an ekphrastic group that aims to explore the relationship between poetry, music and other art forms our members respond poetically to a wide variety of rich artistic experiences. We have published four pamphlets that reflect our members’ poetic responses to music and visual art.

Iconic Moon

Iconic Moon is a collaboration with Canberra photographer Margaret Kalms. The School of Music Poets respond to colour photographs of the full moon and Canberra’s iconic buildings. A beautiful demonstration of the ekphrastic approach to artistic projects.

Occasional pamphlets series

In Response to Triage (2014)
Occasional Pamphlets No. 4

A response to an exhibition of paintings by artist Karen Bailey when she was a volunteer appointed military artist with the Canadian Military Forces at the Role 3 Hospital, Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan.

In Response to Painting with Parkinson’s: Of Angel’s Wing (2013)
Occasional Pamphlets No. 3

A response to artworks from the Painting with Parkinson’s project following a presentation by its founder and coordinator, Nancy Tingey, on 14 September 2012.

In Response to Jazz (2013)
Occasional Pamphlets No. 2

A response to poet/musician Geoff Page’s presentation of jazz poetry to the SOM Poets on 17 August 2012.

In Response to Persian Music (2013)
Occasional Pamphlets No. 1

A response to a presentation of Persian Music to SOM Poets by Salar Ayoubi, Farzin Jamatlou and Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh at the ACT Writer Centre on 13 July 2012. Some of the SOM Poets also attended a concert of Persian Music at the ANU Theatre on 28 July 2012.

Published online 14 April 2014.