About SOM Poets

The School of Music (SOM) Poets is an ekphrastic group that aims to explore the relationship between poetry, music and other art forms by providing a wide variety of rich artistic experiences for its members for poetic response.

SOM is part of the Cafe Poets program, sponsored by Australian Poetry and Biginelli Espresso located in the School of Music at the Australian National University in Canberra. We meet twice a month.

We have produced a number of small publications designed to showcase the responses of SOM Poets to other art forms.

2016 lCoveratest publication – In Response to Bridges

In Response to Bridges is a collection of poetry reflecting on bridges — real and metaphorical. Edited by Janne Graham, the collection responded to bridges in Australia and overseas, as well those of the heart and soul. The cover image, ‘Joining Bridges’ is a whimsical illustration by Paul Summerfield. Inside is an ekphrastic painting that responds to one of the poems.

Order from sompoets.canberra@gmail.com

2015 publication – Swept Away

SweptAway_thumbSwept Away: a collection of song lyrics was published in late 2015. Edited by Tony Steven Williams, Swept Away lyrics range from love songs, to nostalgic recollections to passionate political critique. The collection includes notes on the musical style the poet imagined for their lyrics ranging from blues to folk to rock and roll.

Order from sompoets.canberra@gmail.com

2015 publication – Iconic Moon

IconicMoon-cover-500wIconic Moon is a collaboration between photographer Margaret Kalms and the School of Music Poets.

The photographs and poetry in Iconic Moon celebrate the cosmic moon in relationship with Canberra’s iconic buildings set in radiant twilight. The passing of the months, the cycling of time, the enormity of space distilled within the city.

Full moon provides an alluring and transient light for only one day per month. Appreciating the moon and Canberra goes way beyond the physical round rock that reflects the sun. The shiny, silver, luminous orb that is the moon waxes and wanes through rhythmic phases.

32 pages, colour photographs and poetry, $10,00.
Order from sompoets.canberra@gmail.com

2014 publication

Our previous publication is Occasional Pamphlet No. 4 – In Response to Triage – published online and in print. Read about the launch.

Image credit: Detail from Margaret Kalms’ photograph of ‘Sundial’ by Hendrik Forster, Dairy Farmers Hill, Arboretum, Canberra.