About SOM Poets

The School of Music poets had its last meeting in 2018 after nearly seven years of great workshopping and support for Canberra poets.

Founded by Hazel Hall, the School of Music (SOM) Poets was an ekphrastic group that explored the relationship between poetry, music and other art forms by providing a wide variety of rich artistic experiences for its members for poetic response.

SOM was part of the Cafe Poets program, sponsored by Australian Poetry and Biginelli Espresso located in the School of Music at the Australian National University in Canberra.

We have produced a number of small publications designed to showcase the responses of SOM Poets to other art forms.

Members of the group who were involved in  editing the School of Music chap books were: Hazel Hall, Sandra Renew, Tony Williams and Janne Graham. Denise Burton generously provided the graphic design and production of many of our titles, with Tikka Wilson also supporting SOM with both book and website design and production.

Publications 2012–2018

In Response to Magpies 2012

In Response to Jazz 2013

In Response to Persian Music 2013

Of Angel’s Wing 2013

Triage 2014

Iconic Moon 2015

Swept Away 2015

Flood, Fire and Drought 2016

Bridges 2016

Silver Fugue 2018

Other projects

SOM poets, Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew, also organised a Canberra poet-a-thon fundraising project for refugees called One Last Border.